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Marie-Eve is absolutely amazing to work with! I started with Marie-Eve in February 2019 after a tough year of not eating properly and no motivation to workout. I knew it was time to get back on track, but needed some help. Marie-Eve was very motivational and nothing but supportive on our first visit. Guiding me through the marco eating lifestyle and explained everything in great detail to make this change as easy as possible.I really enjoyed counting my food! I found it helped me understand what the right amount of food a day for my body, and what I was lacking in my diet. Marie-Eve's tips for certain foods were very helpful when I was lost on idea's of what to eat. You learn so much about your body when counting your food , it was crazy to see when I ate all my marco's in a day I was still losing weight! The great thing about this flexible eating lifestyle is you don't have to cut anything out, it's all about moderation! I have hit my goal weight , and have continued to maintain the same weight with this lifestyle! It's an awesome program with an even more awesome coach by your side. Thank you Marie-Eve!

Lanette W.

Working with Marie-Eve has given me a new perspective on nutrition and how to appropriately feed my body. Gone are the days of skimpy portions and little to no carbs. The program allows me to eat the foods I enjoy while still achieving my goals. No more stress, worry or anxiety surrounding food, I finally found my food freedom! In addition, I found Marie-Eve to be amazingly supportive, dedicated and genuinely happy for me as I reached my goals. Overall, my experience has been wonderful and I highly recommend joining the program!

Roma T.

Over the course of my swimming career, I have broken 48 Canadian Records and 14 World Records since 2008. This year I just turned 50 and although I have been swimming most of my life, I still need to train to stay at the world level.Preparation is very important to the process. I train smarter and not longer as I find the recovery is just as important as the hard training. I vary my training depending on the time of year and break it up into two "seasons". There was one piece of the puzzle missing. I needed guidance with my nutrition to help me perform at the level I expected of myself. Marie-Ève was recommended to me by a good friend. I read her website and I knew I could trust her with helping me reach my goals. In the last year, I have focused on improving my performance by eating smarter. Her scientific back ground has guided me to lower my overall body weight by almost 10 pounds. Most importantly, I have lost fat and gained in muscle mass. I can see by the pictures that I take weekly that my body composition has changed. I feel fitter than I ever have in my life. At 50! I eat for performance and the bonus is that I look and feel great!

Cindy Mabee.

Working with Marie-Eve to help dial in my nutrition was the best decision I could have ever made. Over the 9 months working with her I saw an incredible transformation to both my physique and my performance in the gym. The best part about this experience is that because of the flexible dieting aspect of the program I could eat whatever I wanted, within reason, and still stay on track. I have never been as fit as I am now and a big part of that is because of Marie-Eve!

Joey Hamel.

Working with Marie-Ève improved my performance in the gym, helped me achieve my body goals, and above all helped me repair a damaged relationship with food. Being able to trust in Marie-Ève's knowledge took the fear out of experimenting to find the best nutritional fit for my body and lifestyle. She was also incredibly understanding and supportive throughout the process.

Anna Baker.

For over 10 years it has been a stressful guessing game at times, trying to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t - all in an attempt to feel well overall. Reading about Marie-Eve’s journey, I could relate to what she had gone through and it was so encouraging to know that she had found a solution that worked. I decided to try her program and we are changing habits over time. Change is not easy! She was very understanding of me and my busy schedule, and was so supportive throughout the process!

Vashui C.

Marie-Ève has been following my nutrition and helping me since the last 9 months - the experience has been great! She is very knowledgeable and dedicated and we have done amazing progress together. I have tried many different approaches to nutrition in the past (paleo, low carbs, etc) but Marie-Ève's has been the best so far. We were able to change my body composition while dramatically improving my performance in different sports (crossfit, triathlon) !! Thanks again :)

Sara M. Valoza

Over the 12 weeks of the program, the incremental changes were doable. For me it was about changing the rhythm of my day. The weekly classes were supportive and informative - an important part. Weeks later if one goal slips, the other can be maintained until that goal gets back on track.

Barb Gordon.

Marie-Ève changed my life! My weight had been a challenge for years. I had tried everything and spent a lot of money on temporary fixes. Our first meeting left me with a sense of hope and renewed optimism. She set me up for success. Learning how to fuel my body for health and weight loss are tools she taught that I will continue to use. Marie-Ève tailored a program for me that fit easily into my lifestyle and resulted in a 40 pound weight loss so far. I am in my fifties and I can't remember the last time I felt this good and had this much energy! I am so grateful that I found Marie Ève, she helped make a dream come true. Marie-Ève is the only nutritional coach I would recommend.

Margo M.

I participated in Marie-Ève's 12-week Reset Program. Going into the seminar I thought that we would only focus on nutrition, but quickly learned that overall health and well being includes so much more than just paying attention to food choices. I appreciated how the changes did not seem so significant as she has organized them really intentionally to not be completely overwhelming. I noticed an improvement in my energy levels, reduced bloating, improvements while at the gym, and an overall sense of peace and clarity. The habits we adopted during the 12 weeks made a positive impact on me and the ones I have taken on post-program have truly become habits in my life now.

Lisa Ziebart.

Over my 12 week course, Marie-Ève very eloquently shared many great new tools to teach me how to be more aware of my body. I learned how increasing water in my day made a huge difference to how I feel, and I have carried this on every day. Another change I have made is to set an alarm to remind me when I should start getting ready for bed each night. This ensures that I will get 7 - 8 hours of sleep every night. My take away is that it's up to me to carry on with these healthy habits. And it was fun! Thank you!

Julie Collins Hale. 

I highly recommend working with Marie-Ève if you want to become more knowledgeable and to take action to improve or ensure your health. She knows and understands what she is teaching, she genuinely cares about her clients, and she is an exemplar of good health! I now understand how my habits define my health. For me, sleep is the foundation. When I am sleeping well, managing stress, exercising and eating well, I feel great! When one, or any, of these things is out of whack, I don’t feel well. The most important thing I have learned is that I have complete control over my health. It is empowering to know that by making a small change (sleep, nutrition, exercise etc.) you can heal yourself. I am also less worried when one of these things gets out of whack, because I know I can get myself back on track. Consistency over the long term is key!

Joy N.

We have brought Marie-Ève and her expertise on as a consultant for our company Wolf Meal Prep. She has helped us provide an overall better product by assisting with proper nutrient and macro balance. We would highly recommend working with her to get your life on the right track!

John Watson.

Marie-Ève is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping people get the balance in thier lives that they need. She is supportive in every step of the way in getting you to your ultimate goals.

Danielle Chambers.

"Working with Marie-Ève not only helped me regain healthy eating habits but also motivated me to believe that I could actually reach my physical goals. Having Marie-Ève interested in my success felt like I had my own personal cheer leader encouraging me with my goals. You can understand nutrition and that’s great but the true value is found in understanding how YOUR body responds to carbs, fats and proteins, and that is where the magic happens. Having Marie-Ève on my team has been the number one reason for my success in losing body fat and getting closer to my goals. I had no idea that I could eat as much as I do and continue to lose weight and see the changes in my body. I’m loving it!"

Britnee S.

"I had always managed my own nutrition, but after a couple of years of health challenges I was not rebounding as I had hoped. Marie-Ève made some dietary recommendations for me, mostly around timing of nutrients. She also recommended a product for balancing female hormones and focused work in this area. Around the 6-month mark, I was suddenly able to lean out again. My hormonal balance also improved steadily. I found her service to be impeccable – always ready if I had questions, tweaking and fine tuning my plan as needed, with a highly personal element. Her knowledge base is incredibly expansive and she was able to tie in and explain many factors I would not have picked up on. She has worked with many people I know, different personality types with differing issues, and has been able to successfully understand all. I highly recommend her services and could not have done it without her!"

Tanya M.

"After doing some research on different ways to eat, I began counting macros. I really didn’t know where to start… After 2 months of doing this I was frustrated. I was told to talk to Marie-Ève. I was impressed from the first meeting. She was informative and knowledgeable and what she was telling me about my body and why it was looking the way it did, it made perfect sense. I knew I had found the right person to work with. She reset my macros and suggested some supplements to help support my body on this new journey. With my new set of macros, I could not believe the amount of food that I could eat! I remember the first few days of eating this way, I didn’t feel like I couldn’t eat all the food! My body quickly adjusted and I began to see changes immediately. Both on the scale and in the mirror."

Erin F.

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