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Personal Trainer
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Hi! I'm Sam.


I have always been active and tried to better myself by pushing my limits through physical tasks. I trained various martial arts for over ten years, gymnastics for six and was a regular gym goer for many years. Practicing martial arts, calisthenics, and weight lifting started as a stress reliever to deal with anxiety, depression and anger at a young age.

Health history

But all that had to stop when I was seriously injured at work. I herniated my disk (L4,L5) bad enough that it was pushing on three sets of nerves, which led to chronic sciatic pain running down my right leg, loss of feeling in parts of my thigh, a constant sensation of pins and needles in my foot and the inability to sit, stand or walk for more then ten minutes at a time. After the first couple of weeks following the accident, the doctor told me that without surgery, during which they wanted to remove the disk and fuse the two vertebrae together, I would not be able to walk again without the use of a cane. 


Being driven and ambitious, I refused to go through surgery, mainly because I did not like the odds of all the things that could go permanently wrong. It had taken a year of physiotherapy and a lot of other treatments to 'pop' my disk back into place. During this time all of the symptoms had continued to plague me; this led to some very dark times. Towards the end of physiotherapy, they had me deadlift an empty bar (only 45lbs!!) for a simple 5x5, to help me get stronger; this was pretty close to my max physical capacity at the time.

Athletic background

A month later, back in 2010, I heard about the Crossfit methodology, and how intense it was. I signed up and within six to eight months I got my deadlift up to 405lbs. I figured this Crossfit stuff was pretty good so I stuck with it to this day. Since then I have been part of six Crossfit Regional competitions, coached on the Crossfit Gymnastics Certification staff for three years for which I traveled the world to educate coaches how to teach Crossfit gymnastics to their athletes.


After six seasons of competing in the sport of fitness at a high level, I switched to compete in powerlifting. In my first year, I lifted at the British Columbia Powerlifting Association Provincial Championship and then at the Canadian Powerlifting Union Western Regionals Championships.


Athletic background:


  • Martial arts for 10 years

  • Adult gymnastics for 6 years

  • Crossfit for 10 years

  • Powerlifting for 2 years

Competition background:

  • Crossfit Games Regionals from 2012 to 2017

  • Canadian Powerlifting Union Provincials and Regionals 2018

For now, I enjoy a combination of powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, kettlebell work, gymnastics and Crossfit-style conditioning to stay in shape and being an asset!


I have been training and coaching people of all fitness levels, backgrounds, and goals for over a decade. I am passionate about helping people move better, helping them to fix imbalances and faulty movement patterns that cause their pains or injuries. Because of my own back injury and many setbacks as a competitive athlete, I have an expertise in supporting people to come back from injuries and moving better than ever before. Above all, the goal is to empower people in becoming fitter and being capable in emergency situations!

Training background:

  • Coached Crossfit for 9 years (from beginners to Games-level athletes)

  • Coached on the Crossfit Gymnastics Certification team for 4 years (worldwide coaching certification for Crossfit affiliates)

  • Personal training for all fitness levels and goals since 2012


  • Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • Certified CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer

  • Certified CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

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Outside the gym

Other than training, I love drinking great coffee, eating out then going to the movie theater, practicing archery, and traveling.

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