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The Gagné Formula is a step-by-step, nutrition-focused program for people who feel they do everything right and don’t see the results they work for and just want to feel energized, perform optimally, and look leaner!

The program is laid out differently and provide the support needed depending on your current situation and your goals.


This option is for you whether you:

  • are new to nutrition coaching

  • need to improve eating habits

  • don't know how to balance meals

  • have a lot of weight to lose


This option is for you whether you:

  • have experience with nutrition coaching

  • want to focus on athletic performance

  • desire to optimize body composition

  • already eat clean and nutritiously

This option is for you whether you:

  • feel burned out or overwhelmed

  • suffer from gut issues

  • struggle with fatigue and no energy

  • can't lose weight no matter what

Not sure which option is best suited for you needs?

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