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Success Coach

Hi! I'm Dianna.


I have been a registered nurse since 2007 - mostly in post anesthetic recovery, with some time spent in cancer care and cardiology. I prefer surgical nursing because I really enjoy being able to offer concrete help to patients and being able to literally remove or fix problems. I find it satisfying to know the science of medical intervention and the rationale of the direct steps we take to improve health and wellness.


So why transition from hospital

work to nutrition? 

Health history

However, I also feel our conventional medical system is very poor at prevention and early intervention. The medical staff are reactive to problems and illnesses without being proactive in preventing them or having the awareness to solve the root of the issue. By the time someone is coming in for surgery they have used up all other options in their mind and this is now the most necessary course of action. 

What I always wanted to be a part of is optimizing health so that none of these diseases or pathologies ever appear. I truly believe our daily habits and choices - like the food we eat, the water we drink, how we care for ourselves and manage inevitable stresses all add up to either improve the quality of life or take away from it. I love to be a part of helping people be less reliant on big pharmaceuticals and our medical system and more focussed on nourishing our bodies and minds with excellent nutrition and habits. 


Moreover, I have struggled with my own digestive issues for most of my youth. I would vomit from infancy to my 20’s at least twice a week and have constant nausea and other struggles. I knew something wasn’t right but I was never getting the clear answers I needed from doctors and was unwilling to use pharmacy to band-aid the issue. As I got into doing my first full Ironman, I was referred to Marie-Ève and the Gagné Formula to help maintain my energy, improve my recovery and workout performance. I wanted to be faster and stronger, build lean muscle while dropping unnecessary body fat - who doesn’t want that?! 


That was 2018 and I have stuck with the program since - I find the accountability very helpful and most importantly I am faster, stronger, and I feel amazing! My digestive issues are barely existent and when they do show their head, I know why. I can pinpoint the trigger and know what I need to do to resolve it, which usually just involves going back to my WHY and igniting some discipline. The longer I have stuck with this nutrition program the better I get. I don’t plan on ever throwing the towel in, it has become my way of life and when I am on top of it, I feel my best! 

Nutrition education

Marie-Ève and I spoke about working together while I was pregnant and re-examining where I wanted to go in the next few years and now here I am telling you about myself:) I have taken the Weight Against Gravity Coaching Certification and Precision Nutrition Nutrition Certification and am learning so much with Marie-Ève as my mentor! 


I joined ReNu Wellness in 2020. Initially my position was to provide help with administrative tasks and then I slowly transitioned to a nutrition coaching with the Gagné Formula. I am the program’s support and accountability coach.


I love being a part of our client’s journey and sharing my experience, knowledge and passion! I hope to inspire and motivate people to feel their best, live healthy and richly in confidence and happiness! The dreams you have and goals in the back of your mind are all attainable one step at a time! In the words of Rachel Hollis, “A goal is a dream with it’s workboots on.”


Nutrition qualifications:

  • Nutrition Coach Certification from Working Against Gravity

Athletic background

I spent my younger years in figure skating and running. And I’ve always loved track. I also spent about 6 years doing crossfit regularly. As time has gone on I found running and doing crossfit as much as I wanted to was hard on my body and joints. After a long-healing knee injury I transitioned to triathlon and have been obsessed with it ever since! I love running, cycling and well, I survive swimming! I love the mix of multisport and the benefits for my body.


My preference is longer distance races - half and full distance ironmans, marathons and a half marathon can be pretty snappy and fun as well! I know - so many people hate cardio and dread doing it! I love it - I crave the feeling of my heart pounding, sweating, and knowing I pushed my body to it’s max. I have surprised myself in a number of races thinking I couldn’t hold a pace or place well but with determination and motivation I have smashed my own expectations and love that feeling of working hard to break personal records - I’ve even seen a few podiums! 


This translates into my day to day life - I like to set the bar high and see if I can hit my dreamy goals! I don’t want to settle but rather go full in for the things I am passionate about and enjoy! Now, being a pretty new mum of a little girl - I am spending a little less time on sports and more time with my baby, Lola. I still prioritize daily workouts to stay sane, but realistically 2-a-days are not as common as I enjoy more of my time with little lollipop!

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