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Flexible dieting program

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The flexible dieting program is a continuous nutrition coaching approach based on macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) counting and energy (calories) balancing.

Be it weight loss, mass gain, sports performance, or simply learning to be more consistent with your nutrition, the flexible dieting approach allows you to achieve your goals while still enjoying the foods you prefer as long as it fits your macros! #IIFYM

Specifically focused on body composition goals such as fat loss or muscle mass gain, this program is a monthly commitment and it includes:

  • a comprehensive initial evaluation of your lifestyle, nutrition, metabolism, and mindset;

  • an initial 20-minute in-person or virtual appointment to discuss the initial evaluation;

  • complete hormonal assessment;

  • daily input into a tracking sheet;

  • weekly virtual check-ins;

  • unlimited access to your coach in between weekly check-ins.

Working together with this option, you will be provided with everything you need to work with the program, understand macronutrients counting and plan your meals.

Macronutrient ratios will be adjusted as we progress based on how your body adapts and reacts and your own specific needs and goals.


The initial commitment is for a minimum of 3 months so that tangible results can be achieved, that you get familiar with the flexible dieting approach, and that you build sustainable nutrition habits.


Beyond the initial 3 months, the support can be extended on a monthly basis.

flexible dieting

Counting macros does not tell you what to eat and what not to eat, so with the flexible dieting approach, there are no forbidden foods.


We however emphasize choosing real foods first but it also gives you more food freedom to fit in the occasional treats for balance and sustainability of the program.


Weekly check-ins with your coach ensure that you stay on the right track - together we progress towards your goals!


A sophisticated trend sheet is used to track relevant variables - we track metrics to judge progress and results!


No restricted foods or imposed diet! Eat the foods you love and follow your preferred diet - we make it work for you!


Unlimited access to your coach for questions and support in between check-ins - we are there for you at all times!


No one-package fits all or template diet - we develop a flexible eating plans unique to support each client's personal goals, lifestyle and needs.


Learn about your body and the nutrition it needs to reach your body composition, performance or health goals!

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