Let’s finally put an end to the debate of raw vs. cooked. Of course, in the grand scheme of a well-balanced, nutrient-dense, varied, whole foods diet, the cooked vs. raw debate isn't that critical for most people. Where this can become a consideration is for vitamin and mineral deficiencies or "insufficiencies". These may be due to digestion or absorption issues, or avoidance of...

Food intolerances or "sensitivities" can affect you in so many ways. I'm not talking about anaphylaxis or immediate allergic reactions. What I'm talking about is an intolerance, meaning you do not tolerate a specific food very well and it causes immediate or chronic symptoms anywhere in the body.

Ideas that can easily become "grab-and-go" options and are not only healthy but delicious. What’s my criteria you ask? They have to be nutrient-dense whole foods where a little goes a long way; foods that contain protein and/or fibre, are low in the glycemic load, and without artificial sweeteners and free of preservatives.

Did you know there is an “official” standard for poop? I mean a university-created chart?! One that is used to help diagnose conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)!!

You may be taking (or considering taking) a digestive enzyme supplement. But, how do you know which one (if any) is right for you? In this discussion, we dive into a few of the common digestive enzymes, what they do, and who should NOT take them.

It’s estimated that up to 75% of adults are lactose intolerant. Lactose is the carbohydrate “milk sugar” naturally found in most dairy products. It’s this lactase enzyme that is lacking in most people who are lactose intolerant.

Foods with preservatives are more-processed, less-nutritious foods to begin with - not exactly health foods. So, even if you don’t mind preservatives, you probably should cut down on these kinds of foods, anyway. So, let’s learn more about a few common food preservatives: sulfites, nitrates, and BHA and BHT.

more and more research shows that our gut (digestive system) has a bigger role in many diseases than we used to think. And we're not just talking about heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, IBD, etc. We're talking about all kinds of issues like allergies, pain, mood disorders, and nutrient deficiencies.

This type of breakfast creates a vicious cycle of energy highs and lows throughout the day because of the insulin spikes caused by these high-sugary foods, which leaves you craving more sweet snacks: doughnut with coffee at 10am, sugar-loaded “energy” bar at 3pm... Getting some protein at each meal can help with blood sugar management, metabolism and weight loss. This is because protein helps you...

Sometimes those holiday feasts are just amazing. And it's not just the abundance of delicious food but also the people, the decorations, and the ambiance. It is way too easy (and common) to indulge on those days. But it doesn't always stop there. Sometimes we overeat on regular days. Or at regular meals. Or All. The. Time. Below I am discussing three simple strategies to avoid ov...

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