This is for you if:

     You used to be able to clean up your diet and lose the extra pounds you gained during vacations or holidays, but now none of your past dieting strategies seems to make the scale budge.

     You use to only need a few hours of sleep to be sharp and productive, but now you feel that no amount of sleep will make you feel refreshed in the morning.

     You used to be able to get yourself to the gym several times a week, but now you feel like just making through the day is a win.

     You fell that something is wrong despite the fact that your doctor can’t figure it out.


     You feel that you deserve to feel and look better given your health-directed actions.

The Reset Program

This is for you if:

     You have been working out for a while but you don't see the results in your current body composition

     You are a recreational athlete and you don't see the progress from the efforts put forth in the gym

     You have goals to improve your body composition (increase muscle mass or lose body fat) to make a weight class in a sport or for own benefits

     You have tried many diets in the past but cannot keep the weight off after leaving the diet

     You tried to eat healthy and avoid "carbs" but cannot lose weight although it was a good strategy in the past

The Flexible Dieting Program