is the subdivision of ReNu Wellness

dedicated to body re-composition


Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle mass, or increase physical performance, we use a flexible dieting approach based on macronutrients counting and energy balancing to help you achieve your goals without feeling starved or deprived!

WoD nutrition mission is to empower people to:

  1.  gain control of their nutrition and develop a lifelong healthy relationship with food;

  2. feed themselves to support their goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way;

  3. implement healthy nutrition habits to maximize your mental and physical performance!



WoD nutrition motto is

Look better, feel better, perform better! 

WoD nutrition is led by nutrition coach Dr. Marie-Ève Gagné, Ph.D.

Her scientific approach and critical mind drives consistent results among her clients who improves their body composition while building sustainable and healthy eating habits, but also allowed to indulge in the occasional treats for life's enjoyment!!