“You deserve a body composition that reflects your hard work in the gym and your attention to a healthy diet!”

Have you been working out for a while or are you a recreational athlete and you don't see the progress from the efforts put forth in the gym? It is typical for active people to not have a nutrition strategy aligned with their energy demand and that often leads to a body composition not meeting expectations.

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As an athlete myself, I have a constant desire to find ways to improve recovery and performance through proper nutrition and natural supplementation. It is also a matter of finding the proper nutritional strategy, involving the optimal macronutrients balance and meals timing. Everyone has a different physiology and metabolism, so the ideal nutritional approach is unique to each individual. Let me help you find the optimal diet that allows you to thrive!



“You don't need another diet, you need a new approach to nutrition.”
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Have you tried every diet on the market, and even though it might have worked in the past, you are now unable to control your weight anymore? Or maybe you lose weight, only to gain it back within a few months? You have heard about such a condition called a broken metabolism and you think it fits your situation?


A “broken metabolism” refers to complex metabolic dysregulations that result in a condition referred to as “weight loss resistance”, which makes you store fat no matter what and how much you eat. Unfortunately, restrictive diets put your body into a “starvation” situation, and now it switched to a fat-storing mode against the perceived starvation. So what you need is a metabolic reset with a nutritional approach that will nourish your body, not another diet plan, which will switch your metabolism into the fat-burning mode.


I have experience in helping people to break through weight loss resistance. I combine a sensible nutritional approach that restores the body's pH, insulin sensitivity, gut microbiome, and antioxidant defence, with an intelligent supplements protocol that targets neurotransmitters deficiencies, restores nutrient deficiencies, repairs the gut lining, and modulates hormonal responses.