Hi! My name is Marie-Ève (pronounced muh rEE Ev) and my friends often refer to me as “the rocket scientist”, “doc”, or “nerd”. This is because I am a Ph.D. and I worked for many years as a space scientist with the Canadian Space Agency. So how does someone becomes a nutrition coach with such a background?

I first dabbled with the world of nutrition and supplementation to heal myself from stress related health problems, leaky gut, and adrenal fatigue among others, during the stressful graduate student life. Thanks to Dr. Paul Jaconello, a medical doctor specialized in nutrition and orthomolecular medicine, I became aware of the power of a whole-foods diet and natural supplements. He also introduced me to an ancestral diet that eventually solved my digestive issues and improved my health considerably. At about the same time, I decided to address my worrisome and anxious nature, and I completed the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program that changed my mindset and helped me heal from insomnia and anxiety, which, along with a better nutrition and the adequate supplements regimen, led me to return to a normal adrenal function.

Over the following years, I became passionate about nutrition and supplementation as a healing tool. Being a scientist, I delved into the world of nutrition and seek out the answers and test theories. Soon after I graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Sciences from the University of Toronto, I pursued my education in nutrition and earned the title Certified Sport Nutrition Consultant (CSNC). I am now also a certified Poliquin® BioSignature Modulation Level 1 & 2 practitioner, a certified Precision Nutrition coach, and I completed the Comprehensive Weight Loss for the Integrative Physician of the Medical Metabolic Institute as well as Level 1 & 2 of the Eat-To-Perform Certification that focuses on body re-composition for sports performance.

I have been active all my life, from dancing, to playing soccer and long-distance running. In 2011, I tried CrossFit after being challenged by my running instructor. Although reluctant at first because of the competitive nature of the activity and the emphasis on weight lifting, I fell in love with the sport and since then I have competed as a team member in many local competitions as well as participating for a few years in the CrossFit Games Regionals, the second level of three-tier worldwide competition. I am also a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer, and CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer. I coached CrossFit group classes for some years before focusing on my nutrition consultation practice.

Outside the gym, I am passionated about extreme weather (I even chased tornadoes in the U.S. Central Plains at several occasions!), space exploration, traveling, dining out, drinking good coffee, and simply enjoying life!
“There were days when I was thinking I
would not survive the day”
"My passion for nutrition came from trying to overcome my own health challenges"
“My critical mind forces me to look at
the science behind the nutritional approaches, lifestyle strategies
and supplements usages"
“I love helping people regain their vitality
and reach their optimal wellness”

"I strive to help people improve their energy level, sleep quality, body composition, mental focus, athletic performance, or overall well-being."